B.I.S.T. Square

So, the B.I.S.T. Square yo-yo. One of the most intriguing yo-yos I have ever seen. It is shaped (no kidding!) square, as it’s name says. My question is this: Does anyone have any experience of it or even know where it can be bought? I haven’t seen it in any yo-yo stores yet.

And it probably won’t be for a long time.

There were several other topics on this, but there are also other videos on YouTube too.

Well, it definitely is a real eccentric’s yo-yo.  :smiley:

Here’s the video of it for people:

That thing would really have to be precision precise, because wouldn’t the mathematics and dementions throw spin time off if it wern’t even? The shape of the body would be hard to control. But yet, it has a bearing… :wink:

someone should make a tut of his second trick

I hear it hurts to thumbgrind with