Bistone by BIST

No bearing? No axle? Can’t unscrew?

Can this yoyo even play?

Anybody tried it?

Pics Please. I would like to learn about this.

Sure :smiley:

Described by yoyoguy:
The B.I.S.T. Bistone yo-yo is a high quality hand made annodized Italian Yo-Yo. B.I.S.T. stands for Best Italian Spinning Tools and these things are definitely the Ferrari of yo-yos. As soon as you see their yo-yos, you can tell that they have been made with great skill, love and care. Each one is beautifully made with fantastic machining - each is a work of art. The Bistone is a bit of an oddity in the yo-yo world. It is a one piece design meaning it doesn’t come apart, nor does it use a bearing or transaxle. The design of this yo-yo is very innovative, being a one-piece yo-yo made from a single piece of aluminum. The maker calls it a pocket yo-yo, but this is not small. It does not include string.

It looks like you could break it easy if you hit it on the ground. And you can stick your finger through it. But not a daily player. ;D

So. Has anyone tried one? 1 made…

So why is a fixed axle one-piece yo-yo making headlines? These have been out for years. So what is so special about doing it in aluminum?

I just wanted to see if anyone had ever played with it.