b!st Buttermouse Rush - A YoYoSkills.com Review

I love imports. Don’t get me wrong, I am very enthusiastic about Made in America Products, but with a global community like we have in the yo-yo world, imports are not only necessary to spread yo-yoing world wide, but are a lot of fun also. Take Italy for example. Italy has put out some fantastic yo-yo’s such as the Oxy line, the very rare Roo-Yo, and is also home to the designers at b!st. b!st is especially interesting. With models like the square Tondo, the octagonal Bist8 and the doughnut style Black Hole, b!st has shown a history to push the envelope of what is possible from a yo-yo manufacturer. They also have shown incredible sophistication and engineering with the Stradivari, an award winning design. When asked if I wanted to be loaned a Buttermouse Rush for a review, I quickly accepted. This would be my first experience with a b!st yo-yo, and I could not wait.

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