This is the company i have always stuck with and care about so i thought i would make them a video


And then Justis began supporting SPYY.

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please dont think that way i love spyy im not looking for sponsorship anymore i just throw

Nice video :D!!!

But question, if you love to throw, why are some of your videos titled with different brand names…

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because i wanted to do one of just spyy throws to show how good they are cause there my fav

plus there is a certain line of maturity where you just walk past it if you dont like what i do.  You dont have to question it.

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but does questions, question your amount of maturity cause we arent forcing any type of opinoin on you we are just asking simple little questions

Agreed. Quit hassling him. I don’t want to read about it.

Cool video, cool song. Wish I could do half that :slight_smile: I like those follower Iron/Jade whip thingies.