An Original Copy


Hey guys!
Heres my latest video

Any suggestions/compliments/improvements I could make would be appreciated.


Great vid! And love the tricks!

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cool, how long have you been yoyoing?


what yoyo


The video says ILYY Mary at the end, but I’ve never heard of the Mary. 0.o


I thought the mary was more orangey? or was that the josey ann :-\ idk


Okay, first. That has got to be the best video I have seen in a long time, excluding Samad’s if your not sponsored, there is something wrong with the world. I love the innovative tricks, angles, shots, moves :o wow, that is the best video i have seen in sooooo long. wow… i will try to model my style after yours. :o


I’m not sponsored but thanks a lot


dude, email this to yoyofactory, and see if they will sponsor you.

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what if he doesn’t want to be sponsored?

I really enjoyed this video. You have a really impressive bag of tricks there! figured this is worth asking again: how long have you been throwing?


Yes, It’s an ILYY Mary 09.
If you are interested, have a look to the ILYY Site:


Who wouldn’t want to be sponsored, especially by YYF, that would be amazing!

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there are lots of people, being sponserd is not just getting free stuff. It’s a responsibility.


I’ve been throwing for about 4 years now
As for being sponsored I wouldn’t mind it but I don’t feel right asking a company to sponsor me. I’d rather be noticed by them


great video. well edited.


Thanks guys
any other suggestions or comments?

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Throw some of these carzy tricks into your 3a :open_mouth:


I’ll try my best man haha