An Original Copy

Hey guys!
Heres my latest video

Any suggestions/compliments/improvements I could make would be appreciated.

Great vid! And love the tricks!

cool, how long have you been yoyoing?

what yoyo

The video says ILYY Mary at the end, but I’ve never heard of the Mary. 0.o

I thought the mary was more orangey? or was that the josey ann :-\ idk

Okay, first. That has got to be the best video I have seen in a long time, excluding Samad’s if your not sponsored, there is something wrong with the world. I love the innovative tricks, angles, shots, moves :o wow, that is the best video i have seen in sooooo long. wow… i will try to model my style after yours. :o

I’m not sponsored but thanks a lot

dude, email this to yoyofactory, and see if they will sponsor you.

what if he doesn’t want to be sponsored?

I really enjoyed this video. You have a really impressive bag of tricks there! figured this is worth asking again: how long have you been throwing?

Yes, It’s an ILYY Mary 09.
If you are interested, have a look to the ILYY Site:

Who wouldn’t want to be sponsored, especially by YYF, that would be amazing!

there are lots of people, being sponserd is not just getting free stuff. It’s a responsibility.

I’ve been throwing for about 4 years now
As for being sponsored I wouldn’t mind it but I don’t feel right asking a company to sponsor me. I’d rather be noticed by them

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great video. well edited.

Thanks guys
any other suggestions or comments?

Throw some of these carzy tricks into your 3a :open_mouth:

I’ll try my best man haha