SPYY punch line or ILYY noctu

I’m stuck between these two…I’ve heard good things about them both and the both look very appealing as far as looks go.

Does the shapes help you choose? If you’re inclined towards one or the other… also, same for weight, size, and other things like that… maybe that’ll help? If not… both are great yoyos, and you can’t go wrong.

yes. but there is a bad thing that you should know about these two. I think every punch line iwill eat your string and the noctu has sharp edge that can really hurt you when you’re not careful

That will change with time, at least based on my experience, but for a brand new one that is a problem until the throw gets some playing.

Back to Scarecrow’s question, I can confirm that they play as they look. Not knowing your arsenal and/or your preferences I can’t really help you in making a decision.

Both are very nice players. The Noctu is one of the few yo-yos out there with a concave catch zone, a feature that makes a lot of sense stability wise, so you might pick that if you want something more “exotic”

Not true. Only the first run punchlines had this problem, please correct me if I’m wrong.
So the second run (orange+yellow, green+blue) and the Punchline Repeater should be fine. Even if they aren’t it’s a super easy fix, alls you would need to do is rub down where the string comes in contact with the sides of the yo-yo lightly with a scotch brite pad or even a pair of jeans. This will dull down that area and make it smoother so it doesn’t eat string.

I have to :frowning:

I have a green/blue Punchline and a Repeater, and each one nearly caused me a heart attack. They ate stock string in about 30 minutes. Good for me that I was playing over a carpet both times and the throws where unharmed. With that said, I could just have been unlucky.

Anyway the broke-in really fast, and I did not have to rub them, just to check the wear on the first strings I put on them.

I want a very stable yoyo that’ll blaze through string tricks, likes whips and stuff…I’m not reall that interested in trying out grinds. I think I may get a noctu…if the website ever restocks at some point…crazy as it may sound rumors of the noctus sharp death edges are what got me looking it up in the first place lol. as always you guys are loads of help thanks

IMHO the Noctu is the most stable between the two, not heavy on the string in any way, maybe, just maybe even a little faster (but I’m not fast, so I’m not the best judge for this aspect ;)). It might be exactly what you’re looking for.
The Repeater is more comfortable and still very stable, but I think the Noctu has the upper hand in that departement.

Hope that helps.