SPYY Dynamo VS SPYY Amplifier VS SPYY Punchline

I need help deciding, because I can’t pick one. Help please! SPYY Dynamo, SPYY Amplifier or SPYY Punchline? Let me know your thoughts.

First of all, welcome to the forums!

Second of all, without any of your preferences, our answers will simply be based off our own preferences. This won’t help much in your decision making. Personally, I like slightly modified organic shapes, so things like the Punchline Repeater and Amplifier are preferable to me.

If you haven’t entirely formed your preferences, it won’t hurt you to just buy one.

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I don’t know any of the three. Just wanted to mention that I would think the Dynamo is at least as organic as the Amplifier…! Unless you’re thinking of the Addiction?

I’m kind of keen on a Punchline myself, but open to other opinions before I pull the trigger! So I’mma tag along for this thread. :wink:

All spyys are great the addiction is my fav

Honestly I’ve only been throwing for around 7 months, so I don’t really have a preference yet, however I do like a floatier yoyo…

The Dynamo is by far my favorite of the three, it has a nice smooth finish and shape that fits very comfortably in your hand as well as the great play and quality you can expect from spyy. I’d go with the dynamo.


It’s SPYY. So, as far as quality and performance goes, you have nothing to worry about. Each of these return tops can individually compliment certain preferences/styles. So, when you get down to performance specifics, for us to make a truly helpful recommendation of a return top that will compliment your needs, we really need some preferences. There are so many good return tops these days in a wide price range to suit anybody. It really is all about preference. Isn’t that great? Express yourself. Have fun.

I voted Punchline. It suits my preferences perfectly. It is one of my all-time favorite return tops. I like the Punchline so much, in fact, I own 5 of them. I really enjoy my Dynamo too.

My suggestion, since you don’t really have preferences yet, is to buy the return top that is the most different from what you already own. This will help you discover your personal preferences. Later on, there’s always B/S/T.

Good luck. Happy throwing,
-fellow spyy lover


homba, I totally live by that advice. I always ask myself, “Do I have anything similar to this yet?” and go from there.

I think the Punchline would be unique in my collection… Dynamo looks at least similarISH to a throw or two I already own.

I know the Punchline (and/or PL Repeater) come along on the BST from time to time, so I’ll just have to keep my eyes peeled.

@GregP :wink:

I think I’ll go with the Punchline… anyone know a place I can get an Orange one? I’m just not feeling the acid wash’s on yoyoexpert… It won’t effect me getting one though, just hoping to get a different colour!

Jason Wong was selling a “loaded” one (he anodized it) in his BST. Don’t have a link handy, I’m afraid. As I recall, it was a gradient of yellow through red, so… overall an orange effect.

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the loaded punchline repeater is at

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