Spyy Pro vs Punchline Repeater

I have an option of a punchline repeater or pro. I like to go slow and smooth but sometimes a tad bit on the fast side. Ive never had a wide yoyo. Or atleast that wide as a pro. And my favorite yoer is Guy Wright. Help appreciated. THANKS!! ;D

Well, the punchline repeater is exactly what you want: Not too fast, not too slow. And since you love guy wright, get the repeater.

The punchline is very comfortable, really nice and smooth and if you want to you can go fast and on, but not extremely fast. The pro is really wide (which i don’t like) and it plays pretty well. They both look extremely nice

Defentally the punchline man. If you can get your hands on an og punchline I like it better. It’s exactly what u want

Thanks but what do u mean by OG?

He means the original Puncline. Not the Repeater version.

Ok thanks. Already got the punchline repeater. couldnt find OG. ;D