Punchline Repeater vs Gnarwhal

Ughh dat horrible feel when torn between two yoyos! Just looking for anyone that on the off chance has played both, or I guess either or to give their opinion. My only preferences are the more stable the better.

I have a Gnarwhal and its great, but if you dont want an undersized yoyo, get the repeater. Ive heard its as smooth as Guy Wright himself.

The Punchline Repeater isn’t a whole lot bigger than the Gnarwhal (51.85mm vs 52.5mm diameter). Both fantastic throws that are difficult to split in terms of smoothness and stability (those plucky Canadians really know their stuff when it comes to return tops). Just go for whichever one you find more aesthetically pleasing.


Punchline for floatiness, Gnarwhale for heavy.

Performance-vise; Punchline Repeater all the way.
Dont agree? André does.