Final descussion gnarwhal or punchline plz vote!

Wich grind better? There must be one

Wich sleeps more? Just a random question

Wich you want more punchline repeater or gnarwhal?

I like my punchline repeater better than my gnarwhal. it grinds better, but im not sure about the sleep time

Another opinions?

I have yet to play a Gnarwhal but hands down my Punchline is one of the best throws I own (top 3).

Would the punchline repeater fray strings?

Some do, but that can be fixed easily with a little time and some jeans. Just rub a piece of cloth around the response area to smooth out the abrasiveness.

More gnarwhal votes and more opinions says that the punchline is better wich one should I buy?

Their both great throws. Which one looks better. You will be happy either way. 8)

I personally prefer the punchline

Wich u think better grind?

more votes and opinions plz i am realy stuck the gnarwhal looks better but i think the punchline plays better

cmon guys i think the punchline play better but the gnarwhal look soo much cool wich u guys think will grind better? and play better?

Honestly, not many people grind on a consistent basis. I rarely grind, so it is not a very decisive factor for me. They will both play great really, and the only way one is better than the other, is if that is the way you like it. You will probably like either one so much, so just pick the best looking one. If you get the chance to play both of them, and you decide you like one more than the other then good for you.

Some people like the punchline more, some people like the gnarwal more. One is not better than the other.

I personally would go with the gnarwal, and I think you should too since you like the looks of it more.