i realy want punchline but they say that it frays strings pretty fast

and the wooly marmot does it grind like the punch line? or punch line is better for grinds?

i am looking for grinds and with some floaty play wich one is it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Dont worry about the string fraying if you buy it used.
But if you buy it new you can easily fix it.
they are about similar on grinds.
As for floatiness the punchline is a tiny bit floatier…
I like the punchline more but its close.
and you can know that this is coming from someone who has owned mult.iples of each of these.
Hope this helped you out but whichever one you go with youll love it :wink:

that is about it. i would say punchline is a little better for grinds because the wooly marmot does tend to have the CLYW grind vibe

u mean punch line dont frays string unless i buyed it from someone?

No, the Punchline doesn’t fray strings unless you buy it new.
If you buy it used, the chances are that someone else will have already fixed it is what I believe he meant.

buyed it new:it gonna fray string

buyed it from someone:wont fray ?

All I know is that the marmot is the floatiest yo I’ve ever thrown also grinds for days

I thought the punchline fraying strings was only on the third run

for your english learning information, “buyed” is incorrect. “bought” is the past tense of “buy”. good luck continuing to learn.

also, you really can not go wrong with either choice. i have a punchline and i want a wooly marmot. punchlines are my favorite but i love to try new things. no matter what, you can not go wrong

was on hurry lol