Punchline questions

I’ve been looking into getting myself a Punchline and I have some questions about it.

First off: Stability. How stable is the Punchline? I have an older Wooly Marmot (Not really stable at all) and a Big Brother Juvenile Offender (Super stable). Somewhere in between the two I’m guessing?

Secondly: Size. I can’t seem to get anybody who has a Marmot and a Punchline to let me compare them next to each other. The Punchline says it is full sized, but everywhere I’ve seen leads me to believe it’s not quite. How much bigger than a Marmot is it?

Third: Is it worth it?

Fourth: Punchline or Galactic Goose?

Thanks for your help guys.

I would delete one of your two posts before the mods spank you ;D

To answer your questions:

Stability = AWESOME!

Size = 54mm

Is it worth it? = YES!

Punchline or Galactic Goose? = I’ve never played the Goose but I know its not the easiest throw to get your hands on so for collector purposes I would say Goose but either way, you wont go wrong.

Ask patcondon he has both of them as his main throws

They say punchline frays string