SPYY: PRO or Punchline? help

I am currently stuck between a rock and a hard place because i cannot decide between the two. In fact, for an argument settler I could get the ST Quark or Remnant. But seriously, which one?

well Ive never used either but i have always wanted to try the punchline. and IMO the punchline has much better looking color way. I’m not saying that either is better than the other but yeah…

Well, for me, the Pro is too wide. It feels really weird. But that’s just me.

Haven’t tried the Punchline though.

I would pick the punchline, i own a punchline and it feels amazing in your hand and on the string, ive used a pro and it feels way too wide.

I own both the Pro and Quark, (you can check out my reviews if you have not done so yet) and I can tell you both are excellent performers. If you have small hands (no idea on your age) then the pro may feel a bit large, but it’s only 1 mm wider on both sides than the avg full size yo, (which is really nothing) and is an excellent performer. Going with a traditional butterfly shape like the punchline, well that’s up to you, but there is a motherload of butterflies out there which are all too common looking in my opinion and tend to have high wall gaps which may cause drag, depends on which model of course. I have not seen anything out there that looks like the pro or supra. Think about the supra too as its exactly like the pro but is undersized and the same weight. And what’s more the aggressive V shape of the Pro/Supra really cuts through the air and plays fast.

The quark is a smooth throw, but not as good as the pro mainly because the quark has a higher wall gap and the pro has a low walled gap which leaves the string free and is therefore more unresponsive than the quark. I found using thin string and a KK bearing on the quark helps a lot overall in this regard.

Good luck-

Neither is better than the other. It’s all about what YOU think you’d like best.

Want a large, wide, angular yoyo? Get the Pro.
Want a smaller, kinda odd shaped (don’t know what to call it) yoyo? Get the Punchline.

Some profile pictures for comparision: