Punch Line: A few thoughts and first impressions

Where to begin…?

Probably not quite big enough for what I’d comfortably classify as “full sized.” I’d say it’s about in between - smaller than DNA but larger in diameter than my Hatrick with about the same width.

Very interesting profile. Takes a bit of getting used to but extremely comfortable. Seems to lend itself to a smaller catch radius than it may seem, though, demanding deceptively precise play.

Definitely floaty, very smooth on the string - string landings and impacts seem almost nonexistent.

I was expecting more of the fabled SPYY beadblast as far as grinds go. It’s a great finish, but the blast on my Hatrick seems to be a bit more conducive to long lasting grinds.

FATAL FLAW: The bearing seat is also beadblasted, rendering one of my durable Alchemy strings frayed around the bearing and me fearing for a breakage after only a couple hours of play, and I’ve never had one of those strings fray on me before. Not unfixable, but I’d definitely expect a bit more care from a company that’s known for its beadblast finishes.

I can’t seem to get a really good pop-up thumb grind off of it. I probably just need to get used to it. The IRG lip is there, though not prominent.

I can’t really seem to get the hang of the spikes either. Though I’m certainly an amateur when it comes to spikes and matador play, I can’t even get a good hold on them during mid sleep or from a ripstart like I could on my Hatrick.

Despite all this, it seems like it could very well grow on me quick. I like the in-between size and the unique profile, and of course the floatiness.

If I had to sum up the Punch Line in 3 words:


Was it worth selling 4 other yoyos to buy? Probably, but only more time and experience will say for sure.
That’s my impression, at least for now…

so, do you like your hatrick more? or are they to different to compare?

The only thing that I find really unforgivable at this point is the blasted bearing seat. It’s really eating through my strings like crazy. As far as playability goes I’d say the Hatrick and Punchline are on equal playing fields, but the beadblast on the IRG of the Hatrick made long thumb grinds impossible for me whereas they’re just difficult on the Punchline not because of the finish but because of the small IRG lip. However, the Punchline does seem to have a smaller catch radius in comparison, but that may just be a deception caused by the enlarged diameter. They each have their pros and cons, but they’re both great throws, although I do think that both of them are overhyped. Neither of them really redefined my outlook on how a yoyo should be designed like I was hoping they would, but either of them are sure to be a great addition to anyone’s collection.

Alright. I just got a hatrick so I was curious on your opinion. Out of curiousity, have you played any yoyos that changed your outlook on how yoyos should be made?

So far, the yoyos that I’ve played that define what I look for in a yoyo as my basis for comparison are my 888 Classic and my Boss.

Oh, and I figured out what it is that causes my feeling for the narrow catch radius: The steep (almost vertical) incline of the inner walls combined with the big, almost completely flat rims. It’s probably only a millimeter smaller in width than my DNA, so there’s nothing lacking in that department.

Yeah, I guess theres a reason the 888 is so popular, ive never tried one though. So you think it was the angles of the inner walls with the flat rims? Interesting, most people dont even look at the whole yoyo when searching for catchzone.

Nice little segment.

The Punchline has such a big width that when you look at it your mind would automatically thinks Large catch zone but really the beefy rims give the punchline its deceptive looks.

Oh man, that sucks. So how is this fixable? As far as I understand the beadblast is done on the raw alu. >in order to get it smoothened out, you’d need to remove the ano in this area, right?

Yea, but I would rather risk a couple of strings over the yoyo itself.

thats why my punchline snaps strings so quickly :’(

This Fatal Flaw makes me very emo. I love my Punchline but I did notice that it goes through string fast, now I know why.

Yup, the bead blasting thing is a big downer and I take full responsibility. Luckily, it’s a quick fix. Here’s a post I made elsewhere:

It has come to my attention that some Punch Lines from the second release (orange, green) are prematurely wearing out string. Grrrrrrrr :tickedoff: As you’ve seen, SPYY has been pursuing fun new colors, thanks to a new and well respected anodizer. Unfortunately, along with thIs new vendor has come a learning curve (on both our parts). After bringing this to his attention he’s promised to remedy this issue on future runs.

Here’s a quick fix:
Take your choice of 1000 grit sand paper, a fine scotchbright pad, the back of a leather belt, automotive paint polishing compound… In fact almost anything with a gentle abrasive will work. Rub the gap region around the bearing and sticker recess area until it has a velvety smooth texture and your fingernail glides across the surface. If doesn’t take much. You only want to mellow out the texture of the bead blasted finish… Something that would eventually happen with normal use, but at the expense a few strings. The coating is tough and thick, so don’t stress about wearing through.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hessitate to PM or email me. Please also check back with this thread, as there is an abundance of expierienced players that may offer there assistance with this fix.


Forever at your service,


Thank you for publicly announcing this here Steve. Andre forwarded me some communication you and him had back and forth about this and I have to say the belt method worked just fine and my Punch Line is no longer eating my strings!

Plus, just as I predicted, the Punch Line has grown on me pretty well. I just got a Bassalope this week too and the more I play each of them, the more I like the other :stuck_out_tongue: Nice little symbiotic relationship right there!

Gentle abrasive? I had to use Scotch Brite Heavy Duty for 15 minutes and I still don’t think that’s enough.

Thanks for the review! I cannot agree with the hype sentiment, however. I was not hyped over the punchline and wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first. It is definitely in my top 2 favorites right now after spending more hours with it. It has a feel that I just love, and it impresses me every time I pick it up.

I look forward to your review on the Bassalope as I’ve been wondering how they compare.

Do the ano problems hurt how well it grinds?

Ano problems? I only mentioned a problem in the beadblast placement. I really didn’t see any ano problems, nor did I see any problems with grinding. It’s an excellent grinder - definitely the best palm grinder I own for sure.

Thanks for clearing that up ratfacedudeguy

I say, is this new anodizer GRUNTBULL by any chance?