Hatrick VS Punchline

I like yoyos that are good for 1a and especially good with grinds and whips, which would u reccomend that is all these and has a long and unresponsive spin time

Definitely the 888x. They are sick for grinding and sleep long, great for combos, smooth, and unresponsive. Also it is at a decent price at $99.99. But out of those, the Hatrick. I heard that the Punchline is a little responsive.

You heard incorrectly my friend. The Punch Line is just as unresponsive as the Hatrick and then some. Out of the two, I personally prefer the Punch Line, but it really depends on what you’re looking for. The Hatrick is undersized and has a more classic profile while the Punch Line is more mid-full sized and has a very unique profile and is unlike just about any other throw I’ve tried. Punch Line is slightly floaty, Hatrick is more rim weighted and deliberate. Both have fantasic grinding finishes.

From there, it’s up to you to decide which sounds better for you personally.

i cant decide so ill go with whats more rare and worth more

You can’t get a hatrick anymore!!! And usually any one who has one, love’s it, and wouldn’t trade it for anything now that there discontinued.

You can still find the Hatrick on some stores, but you need to do some digging. I do prefer my Punchline to my Hatrick though. They are both excellent yo-yos, but I prefer mine to be a bit heavier and the Punchline gets it done for me.

I like my Punchline a lot but from what I hear they are both great throws

I prefer my hatrick to my punchline. Another preference battle.

The Hatrick bearing does take a really long time to break in though. I also do know one place where you can buy a first run Hatrick, but I guess I can’t link even if it’s discontinued, because Yoyoexpert still has it, so yeah.

i would choose a hatrick
it sleeps long
it is awewsome at whips
and it is also super smooth!

do they? ???

go with the hatrick hands down… wait… how would you even get a hatrick? well, i guess that leaves the punchline.

they have hatricks at this website that you need to ask johnny rocks!!! for