new 1A yoyo!!! =]

I want to buy a new yoyo up to $ 120, and I need recommendations I have 888X so I thought maybe to diversify.
I thought the punchline / superstar / hatric
I know everyone is good but I want you to tell me what everyone’s advantage, etc …
Well as suggestions on something good that you are using now are welcome

PS the yoyo should be unrsponseve and metal (if you can replace the stickers and make it unrisponseve also considered)

I’ve played the hatrick, and punchline, and it really comes down to preference, the advantage that the hatrick has over the punchline is the grinds, and sleep time. the advantage that the punchline has over the hatrick is stability. can’t speak for the superstar though.

I would choose Punchline but the Hatrick and Superstar are pretty darn smooth but if you want to diversify from the 888x you should get a yoyo with different specs. so it matters would you want to get a full sized yoyo or a wide medium sized yoyo.

coorect me if i an wrong
superstar full size
punchline small
hatrick wide medium size

what are the diffrences between the sizes *wxcept of the size)?

It’s all about your preferences. The Hatrick is discontinued so you can’t get one, unless somebody is willing to trade one, or your lucky and you find a website with them in stock. In my preferences I would get a Superstar. But it’s up to you. :wink: