Attention: Your Punch Line needs some TLC!

It has come to my attention that some Punch Lines from the second release (orange, green) are prematurely wearing out string. Grrrrrrrr >:( As you’ve seen, SPYY has been pursuing fun new colors, thanks to a new and well respected anodizer. Unfortunately, along with thIs new vendor has come a learning curve (on both our parts). After bringing this to his attention he’s promised to remedy this issue on future runs.

Here’s a quick fix:
Take your choice of 1000 grit sand paper, a fine scotchbright pad, the back of a leather belt, automotive paint polishing compound… In fact almost anything with a gentle abrasive will work. Rub the gap region around the bearing and sticker recess area until it has a velvety smooth texture and your fingernail glides across the surface. If doesn’t take much. You only want to mellow out the texture of the bead blasted finish… Something that would eventually happen with normal use, but at the expense a few strings. The coating is tough and thick, so don’t stress about wearing through.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hessitate to PM or email me. Please also check back with this thread, as there is an abundance of expierienced players that may offer there assistance with this fix.


Forever at your service,


Amazing customer service right here.

Thanks again for making this public Steve!

About how long do you have to rub with a leather belt? ??? I have a Punchline and I’ve lost 3 strings in 1 week! I scared to put on the G-string I’m getting.

I used Scotch Brite Heavy Duty for 15 minutes and I think I need to use it even more…

I rubbed mine down for a combined total of about an hour with a belt and it’s good now

Did your Punchline lose the color where you rubbed it?

Not a bit.

^ What he said ;D

The ano on these things are very sturdy