I will buy punchline repeater but I am scared it gonna eat my string

I wanna buy punchline but I am scared that it will eat my string

don’t worry about buying the punchline. it may eat your string, if they do there is a solution link http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,25091.0.html

Iknow but if I fixed it it may be still some of fraying?

Did anyone have an punchline that used to fray strings and it got fixed?

If you’re scared, just check every 10 minutes or so… or weave some plastic into your string… I promise you the string won’t break for awhile :P. Or… you can take denim and rub the yoyo all day…

lol does any one know the perecentge that i would get a fraying string punchline repeater?

btw could i fix it with jeans? how much time it gonna take? when i fix it it will play great as other repeater that dont fray strings?or there will be some little effects on string thats are not normal?

I have one, and there is no denying they eat string. BUT, after 2-3 strings, I don’t even notice fraying anymore, and I never sanded it down or whatever. It’s a problem that goes away with time, and the time is really not very long. If that’s the only thing holding you back from getting this superb yoyo, I’d say get it. Just use caution at first.

There’s no percentage on these things, you can’t take every single punchline repeater and graph how many fray the string and how many don’t. I got a Punchline that frayed the string but a quick rub with some Scotch Brite fixed it right away.

Thanks guys can u guys tell me that I can fix it with jeans? Or not

Yes, with a pair a rough jeans, but it’ll take a while

Is there anythings other jeans and how much it gonna take?

If I did it with sand paper it gonna destroy the ano or the beadblast

Yup, never use sandpaper. Like I said, you can use scotch brite, maybe the back of a leather belt, but scotch brite will fix the problem in 2 minutes at most.

it wont make any scratches on the ano?

Nope, just make sure not to rub too hard.