does the punchline repeater eat strings?

Sorry in advance if this is in the wrong section, but i keep reading these rumors that the punchline repeater eats strings. Since i am very much considering purchasing one it would help to know if there is any truth in these rumors, any help is much appreciated!!!

Yes, they are known to eat strings. But there is a simple way in fixing it. Just use a leather belt and rub down the area around the bearing seat (Where the string hits). Give it a good rub and it should smoothen the texture, without ruining the awesome grinds. Totally buy one, you wont be wasting your money! :wink:

If the “fix” is really that simple, why don’t they do that prior to shipping?

Just questioning the company. Because if I had a product that could have a common problem resolved so easily, you bet I’d resolve the issue as much as possible before the units go out the door.

its not that simple… they would have to mask the area before blasting and such.

Actually I think that there were a lot of them that ate strings but not all. The tested ones didn’t eat strings. This is how they slipped through QC. Not that big of a deal really. It’s a lot easier to fix than one might think.

I don’t have the repeater but but I do have a Punchline and never had the string eating problem. ANDYisYOYO is right, they are worth the money, even if they eat your string at first.

Rubbing the area around the bearing seat with a sock works too. It’s a pretty easy fix.