Rub away bead blasting?


Hey guys, I just read ratfacedudeguy’s Punchline review. In it he talks about a Flaw with it where the Bead Blast is on the bearing seat and it chews through string. Is there anything I can do to fix that on mine? I’ve heard some stuff about denim but will it work on anno’d & bead blasted stuff?

(Q) #2

this should be all the info you need


<3 u Q! Thanks a lot. Do you know if the color will get worn off though?

(Q) #4

It may, it may not. More than likely no. And its just around the dearing seat remember!

(Shisaki) #5

No, not the bearing seat, its the outside of the bearing seat, where the gap of the yoyo is. The color shouldn’t wear off.

(Q) #6

Read Shisaki!! :wink:


The color doesn’t wear off at all. I rubbed mine down with the rough side of my leather belt for probably a combined total of an hour. You’ll be able to feel it smooth out before you see it.

(Shisaki) #8

Oh…I though you meant the walls surrounding the seat haha.