LF og punchline Blue and yellow

please message me if you want to sell, near mint or mint thanks

Pretty sure I have one new in box… let me check.

I have at least 4 Punchlines…:hatched_chick:


bump, Keep me posted @yoyodoc

I found it…

If you are still looking… we will have to decide on a fair price for it🤔


What were the differences between the two Punchlines? I had a Repeater, such a cool yoyo, but never the first one.

Repeater has a larger Diameter I believe.

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@YoYoProMatt28 @AaronW
They have different weights(OG is lighter) and the repeater has a cut on the edge. I have a repeater and that’s actually why I started looking for the original. It’s one of my favorites.

@yoyodoc I sent you a message, let me know what you think. I linked to one that was listed for 110 in late 2020 but I don’t know either.


@yoyodoc Haven’t heard back from you just checking in