LF: Punchline Repeater, Side Effects (black spikes, others)

Got an (original) Punchline, and I’m hooked. Very interested in getting my hands on a Punchline Repeater.

So, if you have a Punchline repeater that plays well (still smooth!) but is a bit scuffed or dinged, I’m looking to spend $40-60 depending on condition. The Punchline I have has a bit of vibe, and I’m really not that bothered; but the second time around I’m curious to find out what yoyo with the Punchline DNA would play like were it almost completely smooth.

I’m also looking to try out some different Side Effects. I desperately want at least one pair of black spikes, and then beyond that I’m fairly open. Ideally the colour would be raw, black, or red.

If you’ve swapped out your stock spikes for ultralights and are never going back… I’m your guy!

A “what the heck” bump… nobody reads LF posts…

“Had one PM but still looking for options” BAZZUMP!

I know that beggars can’t be choosers, but would really like one in the red+white or the yellow. Depending on condition, could go up a bit for one of those colourways.