Spyy: El Ranchero, A long awaited review


I am back baby! That means I will be shuffling out more yoyo reviews than ever before, and here I can finally present the El Ranchero, the best YoYo I have ever thrown in my knowledge of this sport. This YoYo is almost indescribable in it’s finesse, but I will try to talk about it’s feats to the best of my ability. This beast just flat out murders tricks!


Diameter: 54.95 mm / 2.16 inches
Width: 41.90 mm / 1.64 inches
Gap Width: 4 mm / .15 inches
Weight: 68 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: SPYY Silicone O-Ring


Wow, beautiful snappy binds. You can hear the snap when it comes back, every time. The enigma here is that it can handle some serious string wraps, like quadruple wraps and everything. I can always depend on this YoYo when I am throwing all sorts of tricks at it. The Spyy silicone has lasted me 2 1/2 months now, and has not shown any signs of wearing down. If you look at my pictures below and notice the bump in the gap, that bump right there, that makes string tricks noticeably easier to land.

On A Throw-

Smooth, as you would have expected. Big beefy rims, oversized and all. This thing takes any and all tricks I throw at it. Any of you who know me know I tend to stay away from undersized yoyos, and this thing is far from undersized. I really wish Spyy took the extra time to coat this thing, because grinding would probably really fun. As I said above, this is by far the best YoYo I have EVER thrown. I could say this, and probably will, in every paragraph.


Stunning. I feel this YoYo got it’s notoriety from it’s amazing anodization work. It was a nice intriquite design on the rims, ‘‘six shooter holes’’ around the notorious Spyy Spike and a cow skull around the inside.


Amazing, and stunnning to look at as well. This is by far the best yoyo* Spyy has released. This beast handles everything, while having long spin times and a lot of heft in the mix. This baby can easily be pushed as fast as you want it to be, and it really takes a lot of sloppy string work to knock it off balance.

*No YoYo is the best, this YoYo simply fits my play style perfectly.

Soo… I guess you like it?
Haha nice review man. Was the yoyo Solid or Floaty? I heard it was pretty solid for a usually floaty company.

I just got mine today! And I was thinking to myself, “there is really a poverty of reviews for the El Ranchero, I think I’ll write one!” Give me a few days with it and I’ll add my thoughts to your already excellent review.

Initial impressions were excellent. There were a few anodization flaws in the cup that surprised me (one in either side!) but that’s all I could fault it with.

Pretty much echo everything you said. So stable, and those “thick” rims are a bit misleading-- it is agile on the string! I thought I was going to have to sacrifice a bit of nimbleness based purely on the pictures, but there is no “brick on a string” feel to this at all. It feels great. I don’t know if it’s “floaty” (I kind of dislike that term anyhow) but it is certainly nimble.

More thoughts later! Thanks for the review.

Also, welcome back!

I had 1 and thought that it was just okay. Mine would bind back while I was doing some tricks and that bothered me. Did this happen to you?

best things to do with that issue is 1. swap to silicone, the stock pads are usually more snaggy IMO. 2. change to a different string, usually the softer the string the better it does as far as snagging goes. and 3. make sure the bearing is able to spin easily enough, if you can’t pop the yoyo up without it snapping back (as in a responsive state) then you might try cleaning it, though it is possible to have a bearing in a state where it will respond back if you tug it high enough but still plays perfectly unresponsive on the string. but given the yoyo I would guess that the response would be the main cause of this premature binding.

That’s not the yoyo, it’s the response. Just swap out the silicone.

Definitely Solid, but it’s super stable and agile. Can weave in and out of tricks when needed, but plays best at a slow pace.

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Nice review! I agree that it plays best at a slow pace, but when you watch AlexisJV throw his around it’s evident it can kill at a fast pace as well. It’s a wonderful yoyo.