Orbitron 5000 Extensive Review


Spyy. This is my first Saturn Precision YoYo, and all I can begin with is that it did not let me down. Spyy had a booth at the Worlds 2012 YoYo Contest, and where showing them off as well as selling them for $85 if you signed out a contest sheet. Now YoYoExpert ReReleased them with a new color and a slightly heightened price tag of $110.00.

Diameter: 55.85 mm / 2.20 inches
Width: 47.45 mm / 1.86 inches
Gap Width: 4.20 mm / .16 inches
Weight: 67.4 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: CBC “Slim Pad” Size 19mm OD

Look & Feel:

This thing is beautiful. In dim lighting, it gives off a bronze, dark color. (I got the brown one) While in lighter settings, it almost looks silver. This thing fits so well in my big hands, and is just like a pillow. It is not blasted, but has a smooth finish that is very appealing to both the hand and the eye. It comes with Spyy’s signature spikes, which blended very well with the engravings. Speaking of engravings, it would have been nice if they popped to the eye a little more, they are a little unnoticeable.

On a throw:

THUNK! This baby is far from floaty. This thing is a tank on a string! It is also everything but vibey. Silky smooth without a hint of vibe. It emits a slight ‘wizzing’ sound, that is actually pretty awesome to the ears and is not too loud. It feels a little light, like it is hollow. The deep IRG is great for thumb grinds, and spyy even added a little divit on the inner cup and just fits the thumb like a throne! The only thing I found difficult was that it doesn’t like string wraps very much, on my Skin The Gerbil combo, once in a while it would bind. BUT, it more than makes up for it wit the huge catch zone. Eli Hops was a breeze, and combined with the 5-6 minute spin times, it was made for combos. The response system was consistently snappy, and I just kept waiting for a snag, but it didn’t snag once. Nice, tight binds every time!

Response and Bearing:

Like I said prior, snappy and consistent binds is combined with elongated spin times. This thing is a beast on a string!

Final Thoughts:

This baby was sent from the future. Like, an alien handed me a package for the great YoYo minds in future Canada. This thing was constructed out of meteor juices and packed chock full of steroids. It is a tank on a string, and for those of you who loved the OD Code 2, don’t think twice before picking this beast up. It can easily be pushed to high speeds, but why do it? Just chill out, and enjoy the comfortable, breezy play of the Spyy Orbitron 5000.

-Luke Torres
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Great review, although I’ve noticed on some of the threads you posted on you seem to talk about it as well, so either you are the new spokesperson for the orbitron 5000 or you just really like this yoyo :stuck_out_tongue:


I really like it. I am no spokesperson.
The only yoyo I have found that is better so far is General Yo Hatrick.
It is like those two yoyos where MADE for me.


Awesome review! I’m definitely eyeing the Orbitron. It looks great.


It reminds me of how the Dynamo would play. It really is great, and so comfortable in the hands. It is like a reclining chair for your hand!
It is my second favorite to the General Yo Hatrick!