Spy orbitron 5000

Could someone make a review with pics of the spyy orbiteon 5000. There are no pics online and I don’t know anything about it other than they were sold at worlds. Thanks

Orbitron 5000.

Check this B/S/T thread for some pics: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php?topic=46968.0;prev_next=next


Thanks. Still looking for a review on how it plays though

I was a little bit taken aback when I picked mine up at Worlds because I did not expect it to be oversized. At first I was bummed out because it is so oversized but then the SPYY factor takes over and the oversized size becomes a non-issue. It’s smooth and fast and nimble. Very reactive. Listens to everything you tell it to do. Love it.

Thanks. Could you also post some pics of it in this thread. There’s only like 1 pic online of its profile.

What’s the IRG like on that thing?

actually the effect for me was that I expected it to be larger diameter, the spike in the center is actually smaller than the usual spike, the one I tried that my friend managed to get was very nice with a light and does anything you want type feel.

ok. so, since i gave up bearings for the year, i can’t offer a personal opinion on its play, but everyone who played it at worlds seemed really into it. it’s pretty different from every other spyy i’ve owned. it’s big in diameter and width, but there’s a lot of empty space, which gives it a light, floaty feel in the hand which is very much like the original punchline. there’s a neat little step in the response area. most big, wide yo-yo’s are kind of tough on regens, but i saw a lot of ridiculous ones from nate, sebby, and others using this, which i attribute to that extra control surface. there’s not much of an irg lip, but it’s there, and the smaller spike means you have more room to maneuver in there if that’s your thing.

apologies for my inability to do a proper review. i’m looking forward to playing it BIG TIME come january. here are some pics (along with the new ranchero, on which we also got great feedback).



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Ed, quick question, was that blue version a team edition or something? All the Orbitron 5000s I saw were grayish/silver like the one I received. The blue on that yoyo is amazing.

I know this picture isn’t as nice as Ed’s pics, but here is a quick shot of how the Orbitron 5000’s size compares with a Code 2 (left) and a Chief (right).

yup. at least at worlds that was what the team got. no idea if it’s a production colorway.
my daughter got a pink one, which i think is going to be one of the normal options.


Okay, thanks!

i tried one and it was really floaty