Orbitron 5000


I’m a SPYY fan. Anyone know if these were/are for sale anywhere other than Worlds?

(DOGS) #2

I sure hope they pop up in some way or another. I tried one recently and wouldn’t mind owning one too.

(ed) #3

Patience. Buy a Ranchero in the meantime(which dropped today and which you will also want).
Some pics of the O5k in this thread in the meantime if interested.


I am such a big fan of my ranchero and can’t wait to try the orbitron 5000.


Thanks Ed,  But you know we always want what he can’t have!


I have 2 (traded them at worlds) and it is my current favorite throw.

(CaribouNick) #7

The regular versions will be SPYY’s next release.

It is an amazing yoyo. Tied for being my favorite SPYY, along with the Supra and El Ranchero.


That looks really great!