SPYY El Ranchero

What’s do you guys think of the El Ranchero?

I got one in a trade recently and I love how stable it is. It zips around really fast an what not. I wish it was blasted though, but to its defence it is pretty sleek. You can pull start off the spikes. The six shooter holes are awesome. Indeed. Thoughts?

Yeah the El Ranchero is definitely one of my favorite spyy yoyo’s, falling just short if the Revenger.

Ive never tried a SPYY but Ive seen many people consider the Ranchero the best they had to offer

I’ve always wanted one of those. SPYY made some really fine stuff.

Yeah I’m really glad I could get my hands on one!

Love mine. It’s great to play with. It would be cool if it was blasted, but I also love pull-starting it off those spikes. Yeah, the El Ranchero is top notch!!

It’s probably one of the best looking yoyos ever IMO. And it plays great! I regret selling the one i had :frowning:

It is definitely a favorite and it has been in my main player case for awhile. Only 12 yo-yos get that honor at any given time. ;). I own three El Rancheros, so it really impressed me that much. My favorite color is the gunmetal grey. Stability is my favorite feature, so I love that yo-yo.

Ooo you got the gunmetal grey nice. That’s what I was looking for but settled for a black one.

I have red and yeah, stability. WOW. It’s the king of stable.

I know it’s ridiculous! I dinged mine the other day tho. A mark on both half’s still smooth though.

It is one of the classiest in my case of yoyos! Not to mention the engravings are top notch. The stuff SPYY made just before they shut the door was some of the best I played. Amplifier is great too

Amplifier is amazing. Wish I’d been able to snap up a couple of extras.

One of my all time favorites! Here’s a photo I took of mine a long while back. :slight_smile: