Top three SPYY yoyos?


What are your three favorite SPYY yoyos?


El Ranchero, Pro, Revenger


I’ll list those I have, so that you might understand my choices. I have not thrown all Spyy models. I currently have the SpyderII, Supra, Radian, Addiction, and El Ranchero. The top 3 of what I have are:

  1. El Ranchero
  2. Supra
  3. Addiction



Then Pistolero


Addiction V2 is great.

(DOGS) #6

Punchline, Pure, Ronin.

If this was a top 10 it’d be easier.


So far…
-addiction v2
-el ranchero

Then the pro, and ronin.

I need more time to play my Pistolero before I decide its standing.

(Jerrod) #8



The Pistolero almost makes it for me just because it’s so awesome looking. My raw silver with engravings is just amazing. But, it can’t hang with the moderns for stability, imo.

Spyy is the most underrated company, imo. They’re obviously well known but they almost never miss for me. It should be hard to get one.


Of the one SPYY I own, El Ranchero is by far my favorite.


Ranchero, Dynamo, Orbitron


I’m surprised no one’s mentioned the Solaris. I love mine.


Addiction (all versions)
Punchline Repeater

(DOGS) #14

If only this was a top five!


Solaris, PURE Gold, El Ranchero


I only have 2 SPYY. A Solaris and a Ronin.

Solaris is just amazing.


Punchline, Addiction, RSL (purely for the jet engine sounds)


1 addiction
2 addict
3 punchline repeater