Thoughts on the El Ranchero?


I couldn’t find any thoughts on the El ranchero, by Spyy. i was wandering if n owner could give me a short review on it’s play.


I have a scar on my elbow where someone accidentally hit me with one at Worlds. They’re sharper than you might think.

They’re also awesome.


obviously has the ability to do some amazing things


My kinda play = code 2

Slow, big, chunky, flowy, smooth
I am not spending 130 dollars on a yoyo until I am sure of how it preforms


At that price they all perform well. Find something that is the preferred diameter and pleasing to the eye and go with it.


The El Ranchero is the first yoyo I would recommend, period. I think it’s the best yoyo out right now.

It somehow includes all the attributes that are advantageous for stability (heavy rim weighting, 68 grams, on the larger side), but without any of the traditional downsides to those features. It’s ultra stable but also incredibly fast and manueverable, almost like a mid-size 63 gram throw.

I say must buy if you’ve got the cash. I’ve got 30 metals and if I had to cut it down to one, the El Ranchero would probably be it based on play.


I got to try ed’s personal pre-production of it. Put it this way; he had to leave early (club), and I’m surprised that he didn’t have to pry it from my hands. I got there and it’s really all I threw. Of course I threw the production run later on (I really wouldn’t have tried too many yoyos without ed) and the engravings made it that much better. Plus, they added pistolero spikes!



Thanks everyone for your input. I guess this is my next throw!


Let us know what you think!
I’m considering getting a Spyy throw now, and the Ranchero and the Punchline Repeater is the two im looking the hardest at


exact ditto.


Well, some of my favorite characteristics about yoyos-

  1. Big. No undersized!
  2. Rounded Butterfly!
  3. Not too fast, I have a very laid back play style
  4. I do like thumb grinding… it is just a very fun trick I guess

    That is it I guess