El ranchero, cascade and overdrive


I would like to know how they play I’m going to get one of these I my favorite yoyo is a chief Idk if it helps but I would like to know wich one u guys thinks Is better i like medium floaty throws but I haven’t tried many other throws but I’m always open to suggestions feel free to add new recommendations

(UmeNagisa) #2

These all feel super different from one another.
And they certainly feel different from the chief.
What do you like exactly?
The Cascade is pretty mid sized
the El is fullsized
and the Overdrive is oversized
The cascade is smooth and floaty
The El is solid, and a tank
And the Overdirve is light nimble and glides on the string


Just wanna say, the overdrive didn’t feel like a $160 throw…


I like smooth and floaty but I don’t know about heavy I’ve never really tried a very heavy throw I mostly said a el ranchero because I like how it looks


I agree with what aznboy said and believe the cascade would fit you the best


While I think the Cascade may fit your preferences best out of these three (maybe), I would say that the El Ranchero would be my suggestion to purchase out of these three. For the price it is a very well performing yoyo, and is much more enjoyable to me than the Cascade (which is fine, but just that, as far as I’m concerned). If the organic-like or bell-like shape, or whatever you want to call it, of the Cascade appeals to you, I would find yourself an X La Goutte instead.


If I do get the cascade wich I most likely will does it come with a pair of those one drop side effects or do u have to buy them and if u do when will the black spikes come back in stock


What do you mean like that? It played like it should cost $300 or more like $50?


More like $120… It didn’t amaze me.


I’d still expect a lot at $120 haha



the shape looked nice, but I wasn’t big fan and that helped ruin the experience. It was still really good though.


That’s a weird lineup, but I’ve actually had all three. Only the El Ranchero is left now as it suits me the best.

Cascade. Floaty and wide, felt very nice on a throw but the width got in the way for me on chopsticks stuff. Didn’t care for the gap area and always wanted it to have a lower wall.

Overdrive. Amazing feel for how big it is, faster than you would think. Large so it’s not so good for intricate tricks.

El Ranchero. Great size and shape and doesn’t feel as heavy as it is spec’ed. Has the best size/shape/weight combination out of the three, it’s classical in that way. Can play fast or slow. Comfortable and the shape and flat rims are more forgiving to accidental hand contact during a throw than the Cascade or Overdrive. Only weakness is that, like other mid-rim weighted yoyos (such as the Cascade), at very low RPM at the end of a throw they lose spin quick but throw a concave bearing in it and those binds at low RPM will be more successful. EL Ranchero is one of my top 3 right now.