SPYY El Ranchero opinions ?

So the El Ranchero seems pretty awesome, I’m thinking of getting one, and I’d love to hear more opinions on it (and I’m sure others would benefit too :slight_smile: ).

I feel like the El Ranchero should play like a Genesis… does it? Also, any other relevant comparisons would be appreciated. By looks and specs it appears like a throw I’d really like. For reference, I’ve been digging the Peak, Northstar and Puffin lately and a full-sized solid feeling throw is really appealing. Also, I did have a Genesis at one point, on a throw it was awesome, but I just didn’t like the huge gap you could drive a Mack truck through. Maybe the El Ranchero is the ticket… feel of a smaller Genesis with a more organic feel, or is that off-base?

Get it…

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Think pistolero but bigger and more solid towards the rims. It does not play like a genesis.

The one I tried at worlds was awesome.

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Stable, strong spins, solid, SPYY quality and smoothness, six shooter holes…

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It’s amazing. As of last time I asked, it is going to be Alexis JV’s choice for world’s… so it’s certainly a serious performer as well. :wink:

There are trade-offs: it is not very grindable (the finish is shiny, not blasted) and the shape doesn’t lend itself super-well to horizontal play.

It’s definitely one of my favourites. I don’t pick it up for a session of grinds, I pick it up because it’s an amazing yoyo! Its aesthetics can’t be beat, but it’s also very playable. I think homba said everything else I would mention about the El Ranchero.

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Ordered the antique bronze. Thanks for the feedback, y’all.

Maybe I’ll do a comparison review after playing it awhile. I have high hopes for the El Ranchero!