SPYY El Ranchero, NEW

For sale on eBay: SPYY El Ranchero YoYo, Pewter Grey, NEW | eBay

From SPYY’s archived collection.


Good to see you pop-in Steve! Any history lesson you can give on the difference between the Pistolero and Ranchero?


Some random notes:

The Pistolero was the inspiration for this slightly bigger and more refined throw. There are many subtle geometry tweaks here and there that I included to make the yoyo more visually appealing and better performing for expert players. The six shooter holes are not drilled through and are machine deburred, versus by hand. The engraving was done with ten yoyos stacked side by side on a laser rotary table I designed. The Pistolero’s engravings, while stunning to look at, were incredibly time consuming and hard on tooling due to the anodized finish. I opted for a smooth lathe finish on the El Ranchero to make them shine.


I would really love to score a red Ranchero, but alas they don’t appear on BSTs very often.

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I may have one to auction off in the coming weeks.


El Ranchero and Pisolero are two of the coolest looking yoyos ever made, if not THE coolest.


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