Spyy Ronin

I am considering buying the Spyy Ronin for my birthday (Yes I buy myself a nice present). Anyone ever used one? How does it feel? Is it smooth? Is it extremely heavy because of the metal? I tried looking for reviews but not many on this one. Youtube only has a video of someone using it. Not an actual review though.

It feels fine.

It’s not heavy, it’s fine.

The smoothness was fine. Mine was too smooth. I stepped on the yo-yo to try to make it wiggle more (so it would bind easier). I think it plays better now, you probably would not.

It’s a yo-yo you can ignore. You can focus on the tricks you are doing, and getting your hands to form the string how you need.

I hope this helps. I understand that this is really vague, but this is really what I think about this yo-yo. I really like playing with it. You might like one too.


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I love mine, it is really smooth, and the ano is really tough. It feels like it doesnt have alot of rim weight, but it spins forever. The spikes work really well for metador, but the finish doesnt really work for thumb grinds. You will not be disappointing. I would definitely recommend getting one.

I have one, along with an 888x and a one drop dietz. I was kinda disapointed. I got it after my 888x but before my dietz, it may just be a i favor undersized throws. To me, the Ronin is “bulky”. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still extremely enjoyable to throw, but I don’t attempt to learn any tricks on it that I don’t already have down pretty well.

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Idon’t think it is undersized, it is just the rim that sorta curves down.

What about the noise level? Is it loud like the protostar? (I have a proto and compared to Dark Magic 2 its louder) and How easy is it to remove the spacers (if any) and bearing? Protostar is a beast to take out the spacer from the bearing.

It is quieter then the protostar and darkmagic, but it isn’t silent. The bearing seat is tight but the bearing is easy to remove with a bearing removal tool. When you first get it it might be a little hard to unscrew due to the tight bearing seat.

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it kinda falls between a fullsize and an undersize at almost 54mm. I consider full size being 56mm and 52 and below being undersized.

And to answer your question, i think mine is pretty silent with stock bearing. No spacers or anything, but the bearing is a tight fit in the seat so you’ll need a removal tool or pliers. I actually ended up replacing the stock bearing with a KK because this throw really requires a perfect throw, its unforgiving of a bad throw.