how is the ronin?


is it overpriced for how it plays? or does it play above the price? i can also take recommendations of other yoyos that are IN STOCK ON YOYOEXPERT. my spending limit is $195


Dead smooth, heavy, good at grinds (not irg), sharp (uncomfy to catch), unstable, loads of fun, oh and did I say smooth? Highly recommend it if your looking for something different, and totally worth the price.

(DOGS) #3

Wonky and fun. That’s how I’d put it in a nutshell. It is heavy, but I dig heavy (your mileage may vary). I will say that IRG grinds are just fine.

I’d totally recommend it.


the ronin V2 is much more stable than the V1

but still, the V1 is a blast to play, feels like a katana


Oh, I forgot the spikes are good but not too sharp.


what do the spikes do? or do they just look cool but not do anything?


what do the spikes do? or do they just look cool?


you can use them for matador play and they do look cool


they’re matador spikes, which are just bearingless hubstacks.
They work pretty well, but I think the matador spikes on styy’s remnant 2 are much better.

and I pretty much just echo what everyone else has said. it’s a bit heavy, but a lot of fun.


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