how is the ronin?


is it overpriced for how it plays? or does it play above the price? i can also take recommendations of other yoyos that are IN STOCK ON YOYOEXPERT. my spending limit is $195


From what I heard about the Ronin, it’s not really a “competition” yoyo. Instead, it is rather more of like a…mmmm how do i say it…novelty I guess? Despite being less stable and more prone to tilting compared to other throws within its price range, the Ronin is said to be smooth and an absolute joy to play with. Once again, I never owned a Ronin, but this is what I heard.

And as for other recommendations, could you please give us some more info?
Likeeeee for example do you prefer any specific shape/color/finish/size/etc.?


i dont like the v shape, i dont like imperial or modded imperial and i like undersize to medium yoyos