what is your opinion about the Ronin?


so, ive made up my mind that i am going to buy one, but as far as i can tell, reviews are pretty scarce about it, and i would like to know what more people think about it…

so have at it…
thanks a lot :smiley:


Mini review:

First impressions:

The Ronin comes packaged in a white cardboard bow with a sticker that has the Ronin logo on it and a message along the lines of “this is a precision competition device, not a toy. For advanced play only.” I find this funny because it is a toy. When you open up the box you see the yoyo inside of a bubble wrap baggie, which insures that the yoyo does not get damaged during shipping.
When I took the yoyo out of the baggie the first thing I noticed was the stunning laser engraving. It is a Japanese style drawing of a wave that fills up the whole cup area, very cool. The ano is top notch and extremely tough.


The Ronin comes stock with large c sized bearing and what I believe to be 888 sized CBC pads. The bearing really impressed me as it was smoother then I expected, but it was a little loud. Overall it felt very similar to spec bearing in play. The pads were average, but the yoyo will benefit from a silicone job.


The Ronin is a little uncomfortable in hand due to the wide rims and sharp edgesnooner time you will get used to the feel though. It also feels thinner is also the inner the the specs suggest as the rims stick out of yoyo a fair bit.
On a catch it can hurt a little due to the uncomfortable shape and heavy weight (around 68g). Overall it is not very comfortable at all.


The Ronin age differently then anything else on the market. It feels heavy and is excellent for smooth and steady play, but it can go faster if you really wan’t it to. For fast play it needs to keep pushing it or else it will slow down, it won’t build up momentum like some other heavier yoyos have been known to do. It could use a little more stability, but if you take your time it shouldn’t be a problem. One thing I really enjoyed doing with this yoyo was tricks similar to rewind where you swing the yoyo and land it on the string, some thing about doing them just felt “right”. The spikes work for metador play but could be a little sharper.


Although it has it’s faults (or differences) and I wouldn’t consider it a completion throw, the Ronin is a very fun throw that belongs in everyone’s collection. It is just so unique and deserves a place in tyour case just for that. Spyy and Ed (and throwdown) truly came up with a winner.

Sorry I couldn’s go mre in depth, just a little short on time at the moment. I will try to expean on this review.