review: yyf proton godtricks bounty hunter spyy ronin yyf chaotic

OK a bit about my skill level so you can compare. i am not quite “advanced” but i am better than “intermediate”. string tricks are my strong suit while slack tricks are a little more tricky for me. i love doing hop tricks and am getting quite good at them. haven’t done any horizontal play, but i have dabbled in some freehand. I’m getting more experienced every day. my opinions are going to be based off of the feel of the yo yo and what tricks i can do and the ease of which i can perform new tricks. i am learning and perfecting tricks everyday.

yoyo factory proton:

first impression- i loved the color. i went with the aqua. the simple shape was very appealing to me. it felt great in my hand and i have large hands so some yoyos don’tdont fit very well. comes stock with a center trac bearing (or some variation of that design)

on a throw- incredible. i was amazed at how smooth it was. and silent too. it was a little lighter than my other throws so it took a little adjustment but now its almost perfect. i cant overstate how smooth this yo yo is. im not sure if i got the 1/1000 that was machined perfectly but i was amazed. it plays a little floaty but you can still feel it on the string. the proton sleeps like a snorlax and can handle any trick thrown at it with tons of spin leftover. honestly its so smooth and quiet that the first couple of times i binded it i hurt my palm because i underestimated how fast it was still spinning. as far as grinding goes it performs very well but not as well as other yoyos i have. the proton is a great standard shaped yoyo and is well worth the 105 dollars. i was fortunate enough to get it in a package deal with the chaotic yo yo from yoyo expert for 90 dollars total. this is my favorite yoyo. every trick ive learned is better on this yoyo. learning new tricks is good as well but i use it more for perfecting the tricks

overview- smooth. dead smooth. like really really smooth.
floaty but still has presence. simple design but advanced performance. i recommend this to an intermediate player looking to step up and also to any advanced player looking for a great throw to add to their collection

spyy ronin:

first impryo yoon- this yoyo is sick looking! honestly i was a little hasty in my decision to buy this yoyo because i was so taken by its design. the shape is very unique. i went with the blue and black acid wash and couldnt have been happier. it is by far the best looking yoyo i have. its not the most comfortable in my hand but very consistent and strong regardless.

on a throw- the first thing i noticed was the weight of the ronin. it snapped down very quickly and was spinning ferociously. it was a little loud which i didn’t care for but it didnt seem to affect spin time and there was no vibration. i have changed the bearing on it and its now a terrapin ceramic 10 ball bearing. now its spins even more but is a little louder. oh well im not gonna let that bother me. plain and simple this is a great yoyo. as i mentioned before i bought a little hastily but after playing with it and comparing it to other throws i do not regret it even little. this yoyo is built for speed! it bounces off the string very fast and maintains speed. after ive gotten a trick down i use this yoyo to test how fast i can do it. this thing is a grind machine! the paint on it is so smooth on the skin there is almost no friction making for very long grinds. my favorite part of this yoyo is the spikes on either side. you can pinch the spikes and the yoyo keeps spinning and for a long time too. also after you grab the spikes you can tilt the yoyo on its side and balance it on one finger basically turning it into a spinning top. i thought that was way cool.

overview- heavy throw can hurt to catch if you arent ready. plays fast. i recommend this yoyo to a more advanced player because the catch zone isnt very large. gorgeous design and very unique. dont get my words minced, i love this yoyo it has been the yoyo that tests my skills the most. if i can master a trick with this yoyo i know ive got it down.

godtricks bounty hunter:

first impression- in my never ending quest to try each type of yoyo i was most hesitant to try the butterfly. merely because felt it was a crutch. i dont need a huge area to land on the string. however a butterfly is good for perfecting your throw as mistakes will give your yoyo tilt. anyways… onto to the bounty hunter! i got the blue one and i was pleased with the choice. (blue seems to be my go to color) the yoyo was a little big in my hand and was awkward to hold.

on a throw- my first throw was less than flattering. it was off kilter and just not good. the next throw was better but the yo yo was very responsive. it didnt sleep for long at all and i was getting annoyed because i had read nothing but good things about god tricks. i put the yoyo down for a couple days and came back to it. i worked on my throw and broke the bearing in and boom. it was a completely different story. it still was more responsive than my other yoyos but as long as im landing on the center of the bearing it wasnt a big deal. and as i play more im sure ill break in the response pads a little more. the bounty hunter is veryyy smooth on a throw and landing string tricks is a breeze. this yoyo is a good intermediate to advanced level yoyo. for 50 dollars it is one of the best deals out there. in my opinion it blows the dv888 and dark magic out of the water, both of which are in the same price range as the bounty hunter. this yoyo is my go to for learning new tricks because it is very forgiving and yet it can still handle all the tricks i throw at it. i would highly recommend putting on a center trac bearing to help keep the string centered on throws and tricks. once i switched the bearings i noticed a huge difference.

overview- took awhile to get used to but worth the effort. it is a very smooth throw. not the longest spin time but plenty to get the job done. the paint on it looks very nice but causes a little too much friction to get a really good grind. it can grind just not as well as other yoyos. i have yet to find a yoyo that can match its quality for the price so if your looking for a budget throw then do not hesitate to buy this great yoyo.

yoyofactory chaotic:

first impression- it almost fit my hand perfectly. if my hands were a little smaller or the yoyo a little bigger it would have been perfect. this is a very unique design and it looks very nice. i have the blue and white one and it is very nice. the chaotic is a little on the small side at 50 mm in diameter but it has alot of weight to it.

on a throw-the chaotic is very nice to throw. the shape makes it roll right off of my finger. the small but heavy design leads to faster play but it still has a decently wide catch zone. great for stringing combos together. forgiving when you slow play it yet challenging when playing fast. the chaotic has a very good sleep time and maintains alot of spin. the paint lends itself to some impressive grinds, hardly any friction at all. this is truly an all around yoyo. i like this yoyo alot however, i feel that if you are going to spend 85 dollars i think you could do better. i got this yoyo in package deal so i got lucky there. dont get me wrong this definitely is a very good yoyo and it definitely has a place in my arsenal.

overview- plays fast but has a forgiving catch zone. has a very good spin time and is quite smooth. the grinding is very good. for the cost i would reccomend other yoyos but if you can find a deal then definitely jump on it.

if youre still reading this long winded review then i thank you. if you have any other questions or comments just let me know. each of the yoyos i have mentioned are very good and each one gets equal amounts of attention and practice

That was a great review. Also, if you bought your Bounty Hunter from Yoyoexpert it probably came stock with a responsive bearing in yoyo and an unresponsive in the box. Most US yoyo stores have to switch out the bearing that they get with God Tricks yoyos(a Chinese bootleg KK) for a worse bearing due copy right issues.

thanks for reading! i did order from yoyo expert and i did receive both a responsive and unresponsive bearing. i switched them out immediately. when i threw the bounty hunter it didnt return to my hand or anything but the second i landed on the string it snapped back. after awhile though i think i broke the bearing in as well as the response pads because it got much better. i did end up switching to a center trac bearing though and was very pleased with the results