Spyy Dynamo?

Any thoughts on how it plays? I haven’t had any luck finding reviews.

The Dynamo is super heavy on the string, and very stable. I wasn’t a huge fan, but lots of people are.

The Dynamo is awesome. I don’t find it “super heavy” on the string at all. Maybe you played one with an old response or something, aironish? Not saying it’s the floatiest yoyo in the world, but it’s not a tank. It feels lighter on the string than an Avalanche, for example.

Actually, I find it compares well to the CLYW Chief. Similar weight distribution, similar catch zone profiles, similar stability, etc. It’s a very forgiving throw, seems good for horizontal (though I suck), and has a great finish for grinds.

For me, it hits most of the “right spots”, and it just seems fun to me… maybe that’s part psychosomatic, though… knowing it’s Nate Sutter’s signature throw probably influences my opinion of it a little. :wink:

I’m not sure what dynamo you were playing, but there is no way would I ever describe the dynamo as “super heavy on the string”.

It’s not heavy, but it isn’t light either. At 66g, it is a pretty average weight. Very well balanced and very stable. It Grinds and handles horizontals pretty well. It has a spot in my top 5 SPYYs (I own 18 different SPYY models) and it definitely does not get the praise it deserves. Highly underrated.

Greg, you have no idea how badly I wanted to compare the feel of dynamo to a 66g chief :wink:

To the OP, I agree with what Greg has to say. It feels very much like an something between the OG Ava and the comeback Ava.

I don’t think the Dynamo is that heavy at 66.5g. I actually think it is more on the lighter side. It is smooth, stable, and has a smooth bead blast/anodized finish. It does great with suicides, slacks, regens, and horizontal. It is V shaped but it still has a bit of an organic feel. I love mine.

Thanks for the feedback, guys. Also, I don’t know how relevant this question is, but how does it compare to the Albatross?

I’ve noticed most, if not all of my throws are edgy “V” and “H” and I’m really curious to try something organic-ish, and it would be a plus to get a SPYY or a G-Squared since I haven’t had the pleasure of trying either company. I’ll likely end up with both eventually, but it’s always nice to hear some input.

The dynamo is dynamite! Lol I couldn’t resist, but yeah its great. One of my favorite spyys.

Organic-ish is about right! It’s not a full-on classic butterfly shape, but it has nice rounded edges to it. Yet, if you like V-ish shapes already, it’s not going to feel alien to you.

It’s got two different zones in the cup for off-axis fingerspins (ie not straight up and down like you might get on a Dark Sonic or Mo-Vitation), and you can hop up to inner ring grind with some care.

Maybe there was a gas leak in my house or my neighbors were making meth again, but I played it side by side with a chief and an og ava, and it felt way more solid to me. Hit the bottom with a thud. The weight seemed more set on the outside. This was only from a week experience though, cause a sold it the week after I got it.

You can only report what you’ve experienced! For sure a yoyo’s response and the string used have more to do with the feeling of “float” than those factors ever get credit for. I can only imagine that yours had a different setup than mine.

Hmmm, I have the same impression of the Dynamo as Aironish – very solid, more solid than my Chief. Not sure how we’ve all come to different conclusions. :-\

Like I said, it’s not the “floatiest” yoyo around, but it’s not a tank.

How people reach different “conclusions” based around entirely subjective definitions? Not a mystery. :wink: Preconception plays and immense role on perception as well. There are way too many factors that are ambiguous and murky (not the least of all surrounding the terms “solid” and “floaty”) for there to be any actual conclusions at all.

But in my experience, the Dynamo plays lighter on the string than the Avalanche, and certainly much much lighter than say a Capless or SPYY Pro. It doesn’t have the same “floatiness” of the Punch Line. It’s in the middle, which is where I find the Chief as well. Within that “zone”, your definitions, perceptions, and experiences may vary.

I know subjectiveness is not a mystery, but it seems like we’re miles apart on our different perceptions. I’m not saying my perception is right or better, just pointing out that it’s interesting. :slight_smile:

Beats me. We’ll have to just think each other are crazy for their perceptions and leave it at that. :wink:

Agreed. Things would be very boring if we all agreed on every single thing.

I have a Dynamo and as you can see by my name, it’s one of my favorite throws! The Dynamo is a fantastic yo-yo for 1a or 5a (maybe even 3a), it can go any speed you want (it seems to be fine at any speed, maybe its best at a medium to fast-ish speed), is very stable and has top notch grinds. It’s really a fantastic throw and if I were you I’d buy it. That said, it is kinda wide so if that’s a problem maybe steer cleer of this, but I love mine.