SPYY Dynamo - anyone have any play time with it yet?

Just curious - anyone play with a SPYY Dynamo yet? I know it just released - but I was wondering if anyone had some pre-release hands-on time with it yet? or maybe you already got yours? Thoughts?

I got to try one briefly. They play like a Solaris mixed with Code 1.
I, personally, prefer those two to it, although perhaps I needed to play it for a longer time.

I just got mine a couple days ago. I like it. It feels heavy to me. Definitely not floaty. It’s very solid and stable. Really good for all the “hopping” tricks. I’m landing Eli’s and bouncing out of triple or nothings without a problem. I got the gold and black, and it’s neat looking when it’s spinning. The catch zone is almost glowing. Pretty cool.

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Cool… by the way - love the signature … get of my lawn - classic!

I’d buy one in a second if it wasn’t for the horrible ano jobs. I mean really, SPYY, those colors and that giant ugly splash, that’s the best you can do on your premier throw? I thought with the release of the Revenger and Spyder II they’d finally realized how to do a nice splash anodizing. I realize they didn’t want to get the splash on the detailed engraving in the cup, but they did the same thing on the Revenger and it still has a really nice splash job. The Dynamo just looks like someone tripped over a paint can and ruined the yoyo. Maybe i’m just too picky.