SPYY Amplifier

(Jerrod) #1



i like the simplicity inside the cup


I thought all SPYY were “pro series” :stuck_out_tongue:


No spike? That sucks, Spyys that don’t have spikes don’t feel like Spyys.


Even Pure and Solaris? I thought they were super Spyy! This should be fun. Reminiscent of Dynamo.


Ano definitely looks better than the Dynamo, looks like it should play great. Will be curious to see the specs.


That colourway would look at home alongside my acid-washed Capless! Looks fantastic.

I also like the simplicity of the bowl, and the profile looks like it would make for super-easy string transfers.

(DOGS) #8

The Pure does have a spike.


sometimes Spyys have to go undercover


This is actually really funny. Well done. :smiley:


That thing is just beautiful looking. I’ve never tried a SPYY, but I’ve been dying to for ages.