Spyy collectors

Anyone collecting spyy throws? What do you have, what do you need?

Lookin for a dynamo and an amplifier

Dynamo for sure!

I was “collecting” to a certain extent, but now I’m mainly holding onto the ones I can’t do without. :wink:

The current collection is:

Punch Line
Punch Line Repeater
El Ranchero
Pro (on BST as of today)
Radian Super Light
Galactic Goose

I also used to have a star-grade Dynamo and another Punch Line Repeater.

Currently looking for:

  • Unengraved no-six-hole pre-production Ranchero. These weren’t a serious collector’s piece and one or two have floated around here or there for $50. I would happily grab it for $50 if whoever owned it just wants their “money back” basically. :wink:

  • Gunmetal Gray El Ranchero – dings don’t matter much as long as the throw still plays smooth

  • Addiction and Speed Freak – just want a cheap used one of each so that I can play them for a while. Not looking for a pristine one to add to a permanent collection or anything

I was a collector for a long while, but times have changed and I’ve decreased my SPYY collection considerably. My collection used to consist of 20 different models. It is currently sitting at 9 soon to be 8. I LOVED SPYY yoyos. I still do, but my collection needed to shrink to make room for more throws.