Best Spyy Yo-Yo?


Looking into getting a Spyy, so what should I get?
I was looking at the addiction, punchline repeater, or the el ranchero, OR the dynamo.
I have not seen a review on the dynamo or the el ranchero.
How do they play?


I’ve only played solaris, and the galactic goose if that can count, but they both play awesomeness. I’ve heard ravings about the el ranchero. Even though I primarily pick up clews I might snag one of the rancheros too cause the look flippin’ sweet and if they play as good as I’ve heard I’m sure it will be a wise purchase ;D




Wait for the orbitron5000 to come out


I have 0 patience…

(Jerrod) #6


(2Sick Joey) #7

The two that I absolutely loved was the OG Punchline and the Supra. Either is great and you would be content with either.


is there anything negative to be said about the addiction? I am pretty bent on getting that


Lots of people say that they love the el ranchero I heard one person say that they did the one thing yyf wouldn’t do , perfect the pgm