SPYY addiction or CLYW narwhal?

earlier today i posted my preferences for a new throw here:

so iv’e narrowed my choices down to a narwhal and an addiction
they are similar in size having the addiction being .08 inches bigger in gap and with
with the narwhal being 1 gram heavier however as i have not thrown either i have
no opinion.

well it all depends on which you like better i havnet tried either but i would go with narwal cause i like the shape a bit better

I never threw a SPYY Addiction (want to so bad) but I got my Gnarwhal on wenesday and it made me mad at first. The small gap makes it responsive, like actually responsive. I replaced the pads with hatpads and now it throws amazing but you would think they would make it unresponsive.

IMO the weight of the Gnarwhal is great it makes it throw super fast and shoots around your fingers it doesn’t feel odd in your hands or anything. But by looking at the Addiction, I love its shape, color, and placment of weight. They both are very good throws and if you don’t want to spend $120 on a Gnarwhal get the Addiction on eBay for $60.

I have the opposite issue, having never touched a Narwhal. Though I can attest that he Addiction 2 is an amazing throw. Comes unresponsive stock With just the right amount of snap in the binds. Light without being floaty or sluggish and the hub spikes are phenomenal for matadoring, if that’s your thing. The anodizing on it is pretty good for grinds, particularly thumb variety, which utilize it’s unusual rim shape and the extra thumb clearance provided by the spikes. The only things I can say negatively about it, I would like it if it was just a touch smaller, and the anodizing looks like crap. Like it was caught down wind of somebody spray painting something black.

LOL I like the Anodizing. It looks like it was spray painted, thats supposed to be the effect.