CLYW Gnarwhal vs SPYY Addiction

Looking for a new throw, current one isn’t cutting it anymore as i get more advanced, I’ve been researching for the past few weeks and have narrowed down to a Gnarwhal or Addiction. I’m fond of the wide rounded butterfly shape and the shallow H shape like the gnarwhal if anyone has any other suggestions that would be nice.

P.S, I’m also on the lookout for an ilyy liopleurodon on the b/s/t or elsewhere

I am a complete CLYW fanboy but the Addiction destroys the Gnarwahl. It’s a wonderful throw. Cannot say enough good things about SPYY or the Addiction.

How so?

It’s just more serious. The Gnarwhal is a more fun, not as competition directed as the SPYY.
The SPYY is also smoother.

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So only being able to purchase one, go for the Addiction?

Cant edit for some reason but what about the sasquatch?

i have all 3, they are all great and the sas is just a over grown gnar. It’s a awesome throw!

So what would you recommend? Also, should i wait a week and get a puffin?

None of your choices are floaty. If you want a Butterfly shape, the Sasquatch won’t fit into that category. Honestly if you want something in the size range of the Gnarwhal and Addiction (52-54mm) and floaty, none of your current options will fit the bill.

If you want floaty and smaller (a hair above 52mm), SPYY Punchline is a good bet. I got a somewhat beat OG Punchline with a bit of vibe, and despite its condition it has probably become my favourite yoyo (might have to update my profile!), beating out my El Ranchero, Wrath, and DNS.

I’ll give it a while longer before I update my profile, though-- I might just have “new yoyo love”. :wink:


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I’ll take this into consideration, thanks. i think I’m going to get the Addiction and get a Gnarwhal in a few months.

Not necessarily looking for a floaty throw just heard the gnar was floaty. How do you like the ranchero?

Also, How does the Puffin compare to the addiction?

Light, floaty, fun. Short spin times, but extremely fun.

Ranchero is an exceptional yoyo. Like all things, it depends on your tastes. It is insanely stable, runs the middle ground between string presence and float (much like an Avalanche does), is wonderful just as an “object” (nice engravings, great shape, cool spikes), and just plays really really well.

But it’s not going to be to everyone’s tastes! I don’t know from horizontal yet, but when I’m practicing a Banana Turnover, I turn to other yoyos; not saying it can’t do horizontal, just that I don’t think of the Ranchero when I think horizontal. Also, although it can grind, it is not a grinding champion (exception: the IRG which is great).

I have no problems recommending a Ranchero to anyone that thinks all of the above sounds good. :wink:

I’m going to emphasize short spin times. Honestly, the Puffin and Addiction are different beasts. The Addiction is slow, but stable and super comfortable on the string and in the hand. It still is no competition oriented monster. The Puffin is much faster and more nimble, as well as incredibely floaty. However, the short spin times keep it from being marked off as something other than fun. Unless, of course, you have a super strong throw that comes from years and years of yoyoing, then the Puffin truly is a monster.


How are spin times on the gnarwhal? I would like something with good spin times that’s stable but nimble if that makes sense.

EDIT: How does the chief or arctic circle compare to the addiction? Just trying to gather as much info before i pull the trigger on a yoyo, Thank you everyone