Sprite is Banned from Being Played

So I just received a YYF Sprite today in the mail and decided to throw it around for a bit.

My first impression came first from the box that the throw was held in. It felt like an empty box. Then holding the yoyo itself made it feel like a $3 kiddie toy.

It took me some time to get used to throwing it but once I got it going it’s actually a decent yoyo. Maintains spin well and it has stability for being so light.

Then came the bad(?) news. I decided to switch over to another throw and choose my C3 Robot. I threw it and it was literally a ROCK on a string. I couldn’t believe how ridiculously heavy it felt and my throwing senses were all over the place. It was if I was on some drugs or something and my sense of weight was all wrong.

Anyways, because of this experience, I have banned myself from playing the Sprite. Maybe I’ll throw it by itself but I will not touch anything else immediately after :sweat_smile:


I played my Sprite for a couple days, then had a bunch happen where I didn’t throw for a couple days, everything still felt like a rock, even after a couple days away from the Sprite :rofl:


I know Exactly what you mean…but sorta opposite>

Why, just last week, I decided that prolly my best playing yoyo was the Twin Drive.

So, I decided to compare the play/performance of All my 1501 yo-yos, to make sure I wasn’t jumping to a conclusion hastily.

I stayed up for a few days and threw All 1500 other yo-yos. No sleep, why bother.

And then, it happened. I threw the Topyo TwinDrive. And it felt horrible. All wonky and just plain sucky.

So, I decided to solve my dilemma fo-eva.

In order to rekindle my affection for the TwinDrive, I have decided to ‘Ban’ myself from using my other 1500 yo-yos.

It’s a sad case, no doubt.


This is interesting, I have a similar thing going on.

My favorite yo-yo is my One Drop Code 1, but even then I felt it still played a little light.

I then get the KO and Uppercut Mystery box. I like how these play, but when I went back to my Code 1 I love it even more. The “light” feeling I had with it before is now gone.

I know it is probably mental, or maybe even slight change to muscle memory but it has me wondering this.

Does any one have a “batting practice” yo-yo like a baseball player. You have either a heavy or lighter yo-yo you warm up with so the one you want to play with feels/plays better.

Just a thought


Wow such high praise for the Topyo Twin Drive, I should really get myself one or maybe two.

I have kind of the opposite situation. After playing with heavier yoyos like the KO and the Uppercut, for some reason my heavy feeling throws don’t feel that heavy anymore.


Can you post a picture of it? I’m having trouble finding a picture

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Can someone please post a picture of a YYF sprite? All I find online is a MagicYoyo sprite and the Russel yo-yo with sprite soda. I’m just curious what everyone is talking about.


There have been a couple post in other threads


How do you even get one of these?

the G2 feels the exact same way. I personally love it. It’s what makes it addicting to throw, but now I do consider how it’s going to make other throws feel during that sesh haha. Definitely can’t be the only throw you throw for a day. but amazing they can be so stable and light!

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The gBp is 20 grams heavier than the sprite so idk how comparable they even are. Still have seen no advertising for said sprite they keep mentioning tho

It was for sale during 5a may . I think they are planning a release eventually


oh wow yeah that’s an absurd difference!!! as my post states I definitely get that “every other throw is a brick” feeling with the GBP alone

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Yeah I felt the same then someone brought up this and I was like woah go figure yyf throws their hat in the ring. Have you tried @Chriscatastrophe

I own both the GBP and the Sprite and they are incomparable. Like I said, the Sprite literally feels like a toy you would get at a 5 year olds birthday party (that actually plays like a yoyo) while the GBP can do full combos and has good stability for its weight.

YYF sold the Sprite on one of the days during their May yoyo extravaganza sale. I barely missed it so I bought it secondhand off of someone else.

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