What are you throwing in 2021?

Got my Hotdiggity strung up 5A with a Porykon (I think) and G Strings.


Mono-Metal Monday; @yyfben2 you had me at Flat Bearing

YYF Kommune


Nice car! I love my WRX.

METAVITY with ZipLine Prestige. Such a chill yo-yo and great all rounder.


Nothing but praise for the Bolt part 2. Docpop really nailed it on this one. I find myself reaching for it over all my other yoyos right now. Something about the smoothness of the delrin, the perfect shape, the sound it makes on the string, I dunno what it is but it’s so much fun. I picked up this B grade on his site and I didn’t expect much because I’m not a huge fan of plastics, but this thing is different. I just wanna throw it in my pocket and take it with me everywhere. Also he said it was a B grade because the caps are a tiny bit loose, but I honestly don’t think either of them are. Maybe I just got lucky.


Ding a yoyo… no problem… now i have a growing collecton of 5A yoyos. Robot c3yo.


I need a Metavity. Missed when these were announced, just found out about it a few weeks ago, and it’s been on my mind every since. Spent way too much on yoyos lately, so need to put it on the backburner, but I need to get one of them eventually.

Lately I’ve been playing the YYF Sprite, pretty much non stop. I’m looking forward to the SS version coming out later this week!


Haven’t been able to put these two down. First Ti throws ive actually loved.


I might have a problem…


I see one, you’re running out of room in the Higby box!


It’s ok, he’ll make me a bigger one. What a great guy and amazing artist.


Is it worth $400‽
I have the 000, Ti Genesis, TITANIC and waiting on the AnTiThesis.
I was tempted to preorder the Ti Confusion but thought is it worth it to upgrade to the METAVITY?
EDIT: Just general thoughts about the METAVITY being a $400 yoyo, kindly appreciated.


IMO the TiConfusion and Metavity are two totally different classes of yo-yos w/o much in common aside from being made out of titanium. TiConfusion looks like it would be a great super durable pocket throw for some casual throwing while the Metavity looks like something you could compete with / throw down a 90second combo with.


$400 is a lot of money for a yo-yo. Titanium is expensive to machine. It’s expensive to do a large enough run that they are going to be in stock for a while, without doing a preorder to help pay for it. You’re paying a little for that availability and convenience for sure. It’s still less expensive than many Ti throws. I can’t speak to the quality of all Metavity(Metavities? Metaviti?), but mine is pretty smooth, not glass, but very good. It’s the smoothest Ti I’ve thrown actually—my Vayder was close.

If I damaged mine somehow, I’d buy another right away. It just suits me. That’s all I got :man_shrugging:

I also ordered an AnTiThesis. I look forward to comparing them. But I expect I’ll prefer the Metavity. It’s wider, heavier, probably a bit more powerful but with a more even weight distribution. I wish they hadn’t reduced the width of the AnTiThesis :confused:


How does it play?


How does it perform? I reckon it’ll be pretty unstable at that weight.

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It’s really excellent. There’s some other folks who’ve written some pretty nice quick mini-reviews on it in the mail day thread.

But really, it plays exactly as you’d think by looking at it. Powerful, stable but not at all stiff/on rails/rock on a string feeling, weighty but semi-floaty, and very comfortable.


Oooo yes I have read all those other reviews haha. Just wanted more opinions.

Huh, it plays exactly like I think it would by looking at it?
The previous reviews kinda mentioned the opposite of that which is interesting. They say it defies their expectations of it being chunky, blocky and weighty to play.

I’m trying to see if the metavity will be to my liking since I prefer lighter, faster and nimbler throws. But the “just right” feeling also appeals to me, which is what quite a few people have described the metavity as.


Duo Sileni


That’s what I was just throwing!


Today at work.