Spouse ASKED me to try to yoyo

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She may have begrudingly given it a half-hearted throw a few years ago, but tonight my spouse was watching me yoyo and actually asked to try throwing. She was starting to get a throw that would last long enough and a front bind after about 15-20 mins. It felt so great that she stuck it out and really tried. Now she wants to keep trying.

(Note to self - keep a responsive yoyo around.)

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Take her out to dinner, NOW! :wink:

You need to reinforce that behavior.


My son got my wife a metal throw for her birthday threw it for over an hour. She can land a trapeze. Now all four of us yoyo.


Right on!

I saw my wife trying to mess with the kid’s yoyos. So, since the 10th Wedding anniversary is the Aluminum one(no, I’m serious), I got her a pink DM2, pink strings and a pink yoyo holder.

She does try! She can’t bind yet, but if she’s able to get some spare time and put in some effort, she’ll be having some fun!

Gave her the yoyo during dinner.


Yes! Just what we need more yoyoers! This is great!


I don’t have a wife… :frowning:


Wait, her throw lasts 15-20 minutes?? How is that possible?


!!! :slight_smile:

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I’m a mom of six :slight_smile: My oldest three throw and my 5yo is getting his first yo-yo for Christmas. I have started learning to throw as well. I am sure I will have a 5yo who will be asking me a million questions on how to do things and before he passes me skill wise (as I am sure he will! I was a graphic designer and lived on my computer and yet I swear that child knows more iPhone than I do LOL) I need to be able to answer those questions :slight_smile: And since the older ones and I tend to stay up late together screwing around I think I’ll have loads of fun being able to jump in with them learning tricks.

My only fear is that the woman in me who loves to shop will find WAY too many to spend money on this hobby.

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Lol, um, yeah, that’s the ticket. Perhaps, I should have started that sentence with, “After 15-20 mins. she was…” instead of ending with it.


While it is possible with the right yoyo and a good throw, it is more likely that he meant she was trying to bind for 15-20 minutes with lots of throws.


I know i have in 1 year i have probably spent 1000+…ugh on the bright side anyone want to check out my BST :smiley:


I’m starting to think if your wife is going mad or crazy!


I think that is perfectly clear as stated. She was learning to throw a good throw and to bind after 15-20 minutes.