I’ve noticed that in yoyoing that when a player get sponsored he is only sponsored by one company at a time (at least to the best of my knowledge, and I bet there are a few that break that statement), but my question is why isn’t it like nascar where people get 10-25+ sponsors and what formed it to be that way. Neither for or against either just wondering your guys thoughts.

NASCAR cars get sponsored for advertisement not to use the product. Yoyoers have to use the product in competition to make said product look good.

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I’ve seen people sponsored by a yo-yo manufacturing company and a yo-yo string company simultaneously. So, it’s not that it only has to be one company, it just makes business sense that the companies should not be direct competitors.

Nascar is not comparable to yo-yo, because it has a larger audience that spends money, that watches on television, and attend those live events. They even get endorsements by companies that don’t even make anything for a car. If Pepsi, McDonalds and all those large corporations thought it would be beneficial to put their logo on a yo-yo player (instead of a car), they certainly would do it. Yo-yo just does not have the audience for that to be a good investment.

There aren’t many yo-yo companies that can afford to sponsor players. So, I can imagine out of the ones that exist, they are pretty selective, and look for those great players who are not already working for the competition.

Basically what total artist said, it’s though to justify a sponsorship deal when your return on investment will be less than 1.

Companies sponsor based on generating revenue on the back end, sadly, yo-yo doesn’t have the following that generates that and most of us are not buying a yo-yo because someone is using it.

Maybe a few bought a shutter due to Gentry Stein, but that’s not common and even then he is not taking home large amounts of cash due to revenue generation for the company.

If I had money to burn, I’d host some contests just because I think this is a great form of entertainment, but I know there is little money if any to be made.

Someone should try and get a bearing sponsorship, seeing as how that’s really the only part of yoyoing left that hasn’t had sponsors. Yoyo, string, finally bearing. Maybe gloves?

tatsuya and akitoshi just to name a few are sponsored by both YYR and irpad

Yomagic is sponsored by both me and deadly spins.

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Well since you are strings, and they are yoyos, they go with eachother haha.

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Also think about the different sponsorships that they get. They are not aimed to one specific product, but to a wide variety of products. Like one can be Dollar General which is a dollar store, and another can be Monster energy drink. So right now it is only targeted to yoyo products. Now if the sport would branch out and become an official line of entertainment and profit, then I would think players would be sponsored like they do in Nascar. So they are basically not even near the same tier in the sponsorship aspect.

I for one say thank f- for that.

the thought of a high level competition players tshirt being reduced to mere advertising space for huge faceless corporations who’s only agenda is chasing the next dollar makes me cringe.

actually at most a person can get sponsored by 2 companies a string company and a yoyo company.

Thats a pretty cool idea

That sounds like an awesome idea

Ooh! Good idea! I like it!

What about response pads?

ir pad sponsors a lot of YYR people. CRESTEC also sponsors Rei Iwakura

theres a difference between being sponsored by pepsi+mcdonalds or pepsi+coke or mcdonalds+jack in the box

Only issue I would see arising from that is if their yoyo sponsors’ yoyos aren’t compatible with a given sponsors pads.

Hasn’t Eric koloski got sponcered by three place. Yye, yyj, and yysl

Don’t know why you say that. I suppose you could say andre is but he’s not really sponsored by yye he just owns it.