How easy was it to get sponsored

Sponsored by who?
How easy was it?
What did you have to do?

EDIT: to clarify things I don’t want to be sponsored I just was curious that’s all

People get sponsored for all sorts of reasons. But I figure yoyoing isn’t about being sponsored, it’s about having fun :slight_smile:

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If you have to ask…

Chances are your not getting sponsored anytime soon. Just keep throwing and don’t sweat the sponsor stuff.

Its just a question and he wants to know, it’s not hard to give an answer instead of being a prick.

Watch the language… And fine I made a video displaying their string type 3. Big Yoyo Strings.

The late Double-Take Industries

Pretty easy.

Nothing really. I was friends with the owner and we bounced ideas off of each other. So when the company came to fruition he decided to sponsor me.

It’s as easy as travelling around the world in 30 days.

Was sponsored by
Yomerica Spindustries

Currently partial owner at Rebel Yo-Yos

There are three steps to getting sponsored:

  1. Work hard on your yo-yoing and create a unique style.
  2. Be a nice, genuine person who is an active, upstanding member of the yo-yo community (both online and in the real world)
  3. Be in the right place at the right time.

I Hope That Helps,
Jamie Kennedy
Rebel Yo-Yos

Most companies look at community involvement and titles at competition. If you look at any of those big name players, they got sponsored because they kept winning or placing top 3 or they were just a really cool dude who attended contests and met the companies.

Pretty sure he means a yoyo manufacturer… Not a home brew string company.

Let’s be nice here… The yoyo community for the most part is a mature audience. If you don’t have anything nice to say, you have two options: don’t say it, or find an appropriate way to say it. Lashing out or insulting will get you nowhere. I can understand any form of frustration from forum regulars because this post is seen about every other week since I’ve been on here.

Besides, free strings would be a win in my book. :wink: Then again, that also depends on how many strings you get…

Now, to answer the original poster. I haven’t been sponsored ever (let’s face it, we all know I’m not good), but what I’ve come to understand is you have to be a nice person, and be healthily obsessed with yoyoing. Getting sponsored may not even be about competition. If you’re good enough at promoting a product, that can get you a sponsor. If you’re a wealth of knowledge regarding how to design yoyos, you could get sponsored. If you’re a friend of a yoyo company, chances are you’ll get sponsored if you’re decent.

Big Yoyo strings is a great small string company and I am very proud to represent them.

Love big YoYo string :slight_smile:

My goals don’t include getting sponsored. I don’t do the right things to get sponsored. It could still happen, but since I don’t compete and don’t make videos and am not exactly a high profile person, there’s little value in me in regards to what a company can get out of offering me a sponsorship. I’m not opposed to the concept of being sponsored, I just personally don’t see it happening for me. I’m also perfectly fine with this.

Now, that aside:

I think we should spend less time worrying about getting sponsored and spend that time and effort into improving, enjoying and sharing this thing called the yoyo. If it’s meant to be, those who are interested will be doing the right things to get that sponsorship.

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Did any one read this?
I just wanna know that’s all.

I believe the ensuing discussion revolved around answering the question. :wink:

Well I almost got sponsered… :stuck_out_tongue: But never heard anything else from company… Pretty much said they were gonna too… Well too bad…life goes on! I got attention by placing well at a contest. That was pretty much it. Its easier to get sponsered if the company owner is friends with you.

It was super easy. I just had to create a new style of play, win BAC 3 times in a row, place Top 5 at Worlds a few times, design a dozen yoyos, travel to more than a dozen countries, teach a few thousand people to yoyo, release two VHS videos and two DVDs, become a National Master, win the Industry Excellence Award, and then quit my job.

Then, YoYoFactory gave me a signature model. TA DA!!



Then go on wife swap :stuck_out_tongue: