Sponsorship stuff

I thought this would be a fun little thread where you could say which company you would like to be sponsored by. I’d have to say either YYF or MYY, but that’s just my current opinion, it may change. Which company do you wish you were sponsored by?

toxic strings!

oh wait…, I already am :stuck_out_tongue:

CLYW or OD, or Dead Threads String Company…

YoyoRecreation or sOMEThING.


really? Congrats, bro.

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I was thinking CLYW, too, but I’ve never actually had the pleasure of throwing one.


I’d have to be part of a string company. Now that I think about I couldn’t really be held to one group of yoyos.

I wouldn’t be able to take a sponsorship from a company. I havn’t found a company that I could stand behind completely. That being said, though, I still want to find a company that i could stand behind %100 if the opportunity came up.

DEADLY spINS or a string company

Most of you guys know :wink: lol for those of you that don’t


I would have to do with YYF. They have great throws and lets be honest, YYF has the best team and it would be awesome to be able to be a part of their team

YoYoJam, and for string probably big yoyo string

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Yomega or YYF,YYJ

I sponsor myself!

C3 puts out AMAZING stuff so I would have to say them.

One Drop, General Yo, or Yoyojam.
Also Spin Dynamics, because they’re local and they make awesome throws.

Yoyojam, onedrop, or CLYW.

General yo, YYJ, or c3

One Drop, SPYY, or YYF.